Short Course for a Long Memory Course Preview

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Easy-to-Use Mental Tools to Remember Anything

Whether you’re:

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  • a business pro trying to remember every name in the room
  • a student trying to ace your next vocab test
  • a aspiring actor trying to sail through your lines
  • a busy parent who forgets your spouse’s birthday
  • an on-the-move overachiever trying to recall the last item on your shopping list

Memory College’s signature course, “A Short Seminar for a Long Memory” has helped hundreds of individuals solve these and other memory problems — for good! Over a series of 5 interactive modules, you’ll learn concrete techniques — that you can apply in your life effortlessly and immediately — to combat forgetfulness and lock information into your long-term memory for permanent, reliable access.

5 Lessons to Improve All Memory Areas from the Ground Up

  • The 3 R’s of Remembering
    • Learn how we remember — then we’ll show you how to exploit the mental process to quickly boost info from short-term into long-term memory
  • The 3 Keys to Remembering Anything
    • Each key unlocks new avenues for remembering — and you’ll be able to implement them right away — use all three together to guarantee long-term memory storage!
    • We also teach you the simple yet powerful Basic Memory Rule to permanently change how to approach memory
  • The Memory Link System
    • This easy but effective technique lets you remember lists of any length, forwards and backwards!
  • The 3 Rules for Remembering Names
    • Start remembering names in minutes — forgetting names hurts business and relationships, but you can prevent it with 3 fast and fun methods
  • The 3 Ways to Defeat Absentmindedness
    • Always forgetting where you left the keys, wallet, remote? Learn why this happens and how to stop it

Instant Access = Improve Your Memory (and Life!) in Minutes

Memory struggles cost you in time, money, and energy, so strengthening your memory gives you the edge in all life arenas: business, relationships, personal goals and hobbies. Join the hundreds of Memory College graduates who’ve improved their performance — on the job, in the classroom, or in the home — with our time-proven techniques. Your course purchase includes:

  • Instant Access to course materials: start solving memory problems in minutes
  • 5 interactive, fun and easy lessons that will change your approach to memory forever
  • 2 printable Memory Cheat Sheets for easy reference and reinforcement
  • 3 videos by Dr. Joe break down the subject matter
  • A Certificate of Completion to commemorate your accomplishment

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